Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Project updates - 16 Jan

Over the last week or so, we've had some fun and made some progress on a couple projects.

Last week we went to the Omaha Maker's Group meeting.  This was our first trip down there.  It's a nice location full of neat projects and interesting people.  We watched a fun presentation on an attempt at a high-altitude rocket build and launch.  The kids have been asking when the next one is scheduled for.  :)

Speaking of the OMG, we're going there on the 7th of Feb to demo our little robot and maybe a couple other Netduino projects (maybe HID and MQTT).

On the robot front, we got our new IR sensor in the other day.  Tonight Steven got the new sensor installed and then I added some button support (on/off) and re-calibrated the code for the new sensor (a bit more near-sighted (our choice) than the last one we used).  I then did a brief write-up on how everything works and a pin-out chart in case something happens in-route - because he's taking the robot to school to show his in-school robotics class!

On the MQTT front, I got the publishing bit all done and am now in the process of adding subscription support.  I really need to get this completed in the next couple of days, because I have a NeTV en-route to me and I know as soon as I get that - I'll be up all night fooling with that instead of MQTT.  :)

We ran to Harbor Freight this weekend and got our free screw-driver set plus picked up a $8 rotary tool and a couple bins for when my Futurlec order gets here.

Finally, we've got Valentine's Projects to get to work on as soon as the parts for them arrive.  I need to find a place in town that can do plastic work - we could use some cut plastic sheet to dress our projects up a bit...

I have so many projects going on - we'd better get some snow soon.  :)

But that's it for us, for now.

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